Impact of Covid-19 on Global economy

The sudden shutdown & its impact on global economy.


12/8/20211 min read

As we all know that we are living in the Age of Science and Technology, in each circumstance the work goes on however due this Pandemic Covid19 entire word is in the circumstance of closing down and it will impact on whole economy of the world. The coronavirus outbreak is first and foremost a human disaster, affecting a huge number of individuals. It is additionally growingly affecting the worldwide economy. COVID-19 pandemic is upsetting worldwide inventory chains and global exchange.

As all of you realize that coronavirus pandemic becomes a tremendous risk for people just as for different segments whether we talk about the Aviation industry, Hotel industry, Textile industry, Tourism sector, Electronic, Pharma, and future investments and deposits. With almost more than 100 nations shutting national outskirts during the previous month, the development of individuals and the travel industry streams have gone to a sudden end.

The worldwide yield would shrink by 0.9 percent - rather than developing by 2.5 percent - in 2020," Including that the situation depends on demand side stuns of various sizes to China, Japan, South Korea, the US and the EU, just as an oil value decrease of 50 percent against the benchmark of USD 61 for every barrel. Developing nations, especially those which are subject to the travel industry and product export, face increased financial dangers. Governments might be forced to shorten public expenditure when they have to increase spending to contain the pandemic and support the consumption and investment. The Global Gross Domestic Product is also impacted due to this. In 2020, Global GDP is estimated by IMF is 1.6% which is very low as compare to 2019 which was 2.9%. Outbreak of COVID19 could cost the Global economy up to $2Trillion this year. Covid-19 is threatening livelihoods as well as lives. Nations representing the greater part of worldwide GDP are in lockdown.

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